Company's Philosophy Staff Presence
Work philosophy
Innovative development and pursuit of excellence

Work philosophy is the most basic and reasonable view and understanding of an enterprise's employees on their work.

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's survival and development. In the current environment of fierce market competition, only by innovating management mode and technical mode and updating development ideas, can enterprises bravely rise to the forefront.

"Pursuing excellence" means three levels. First, employees should pursue excellence, adhere to high standards and strict requirements, and complete their own work with high quality; Second, the company's performance should pursue excellence, deeply promote the improvement of management, find weaknesses, promote the level of operation and management, produce high-quality projects, make breakthroughs in market development and achieve fruitful results in spiritual civilization, and create excellent performance in all aspects of the company. Third, achieve outstanding enterprises. Through the excellent work of employees and the excellent performance of the company, build an excellent enterprise, make the company become the leader of the industry, and become a first-class enterprise trusted by the owner, attracted by the industry and respected by the society.

Enterprise vision
Become a quality and benefit international engineering company with strong international competitiveness, dominated by environmental protection and energy, and coordinated development of electricity and non electricity

Vision is the general summary and understanding of the enterprise's future development goals, the blueprint for the enterprise and the highest program of the enterprise.

Enhancing the understanding of environmental protection and building environmental energy and clean energy are the development direction of the company.

Focusing on the advantages of enterprises, on the basis of consolidating traditional industries, constantly accelerate the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of enterprise industrial structure, actively expand non-traditional industries related to traditional industries, especially vigorously promote the extension and development of industrial chain, expand development space and cultivate the sustainable development ability of enterprises.

Become a high-performance international engineering company based on thermal power construction, focusing on nuclear power and clean energy, aiming at overseas market expansion and diversified development.

Enterprise spirit
Pursue excellent service, be sincere and optimistic, respond wisely and strive for strength

Enterprise spirit is the externalization of enterprise concept, a healthy and upward group consciousness recognized by the majority of employees, and the ideological power to support the enterprise to realize its vision and maintain its image.

The pursuit of excellence is an attitude, a realm, and a driving force that you give yourself to pursue continuously.

Sincere service is to do a good job in the project and contribute to the owner with high-quality projects.

Optimism is a kind of courage and a positive state of mind. With a positive and optimistic attitude, we take the initiative to deal with all kinds of changes, make the changes in the outside world an opportunity, and make our own changes the source of power for development.

To change from experience management to scientific management, from extensive management to fine management, and realize the vision and objectives, we must enhance the awareness of innovation and the driving force of learning, create a learning enterprise, and use our wisdom to expand and strengthen our enterprise.

Development concept
To do a good project is to write the best bid

The concept of development is the belief that enterprises must abide by in the process of development. It is the sum of ideas and thoughts that enterprises meet the requirements of the times and their own scientific development.

The company is an electric power construction enterprise. Building high-quality power plants is the core business of the company. Ensuring that each project undertaken is of high quality, short construction period and excellent indicators is the key for the company to win reputation and market.

Practice has proved that each project undertaken by the company is a wonderful bid written by the company with great care, which shows the company's strong strength and excellent quality, and also won a market project for the company.

management philosophy
The construction process focuses on details, and the management process focuses on delicacy

During the construction process, paying attention to the details will grasp the pulse of creating high-quality products and lay the foundation for high-quality projects. With careful planning, fine construction and exquisite workmanship, we must realize the high-quality project.

In the process of management, only by paying attention to details, making an article on the word "fine", showing hard skills on the word "fine", achieving quality objectives, paying attention to details, process control focusing on details, and responsibility management highlighting details, can we comprehensively improve the management level, ensure the project quality, and improve the market competitiveness.

Core values
As important as Mount Tai's sense of responsibility, the innovation of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, the integrity of one's words, and the team spirit of flying geese

Core values are the core of corporate culture and the cornerstone of the concept system. They are the basic principles of belief and behavior judgment followed by all employees.

The company should have a sense of responsibility to the society and employees, and employees should have a sense of responsibility to the society, the company, colleagues and work, as thick as Mount Tai.

Daring to innovate, surpassing ourselves, turning cocoons into butterflies and realizing the sublimation of quality is the innovation we must have.

Integrity is the foundation of a person and the foundation of an enterprise. Being honest and trustworthy is the company's morality.

Respect each other, help each other, work together, unite as one, and carry forward the team spirit, such as flying together and moving forward bravely.

Core purpose
Serve the public with true feelings

The core purpose is the reason for the existence of the enterprise and the ideal and pursuit of the enterprise.

True feelings are sincere feelings and selfless dedication to others; Service is the unremitting pursuit of quality and the service consciousness consistent with the establishment of modern enterprises.

The public refers to the stakeholders or indirect beneficiaries of the company. At the same time, the public also includes society, nature, environment and the earth. Our enterprise exists to benefit the public, society and mankind directly or indirectly.

Through our hard work, we will serve the public and society and win returns at the same time.

Talent concept
Everyone is a qualified person to do qualified things

"Three hundred and sixty lines, each line produces a champion". Every employee is the human resource of the company. Although their temperament, character and ability are different, they have played their talents and are indispensable talents of the company in the long history of the development of the company.

In work, every employee should constantly strengthen learning, enrich business knowledge, increase talent, improve ability, and hand over a qualified answer for the company with excellent personal quality and business ability.

Core slogan
Ignite passion and bright future

The core slogan is the direct embodiment of the enterprise value system. It is an easy to spread and charismatic slogan. It explains the responsibility of the company, vividly depicts the mission of the company and embodies the core purpose of the company.

Fire is ignited to bring light and heat. People need passion to make progress. Passion is the embodiment of light and heat. Igniting passion is the means and work attitude. Only when you are full of passion and devote yourself to work, can your career succeed.

To grasp the present is to expand the future. The vision of the future is exactly the highest state of the company that the company has always wanted to achieve.