Power Grid Engineering
Since its establishment, the company has built and put into operation 4996 units of various types, such as nuclear power, coal-fired, gas turbine, photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power and biomass power generation, with a total installed capacity of 131100mw (131100000 kW). The company has successively built and put into operation 575 coal-fired and gas turbine generator units with an installed capacity of 112500mw (112.5 million KW). There are 36 units under construction, with a capacity of 14420mw. It has written a number of firsts in the history of Thermal Power Construction: building the country's first foreign "double import" 300MW unit project - Shiheng power plant project; Dezhou Power Plant project, the country's first 300MW unit that meets the standard when put into operation, has been completed; Build the first batch of million KW circular economy demonstration project in China - Tianjin Beijiang power plant project; Laizhou power plant project, the first million kilowatt intelligent ecological power plant in China, was built; Build the 1100MW unit of Xinjiang Agricultural Sixth Division with the largest single unit capacity in China.