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POWERCHINA Nuclear Engineering Company (formerly known as Shandong Electric Power Construction No. 2 Engineering Company) was founded in 1952, and it is the level-A wholly-owned subsidiary of Power Construction Corporation of China(POWERCHINA), it is possession of special class qualification of general contracting of electric power construction, Class A qualification of electric power engineering/design, level A qualification of real estate development, class A qualification of commissioning and level A qualification of steel structure construction; and the Company is also an international engineering company to provide whole industry chain services in terms of investigation & design, consulting & supervision, construction &management and investment & operation for domestic and overseas projects. The Company is identified as “National High-tech Enterprise”, has provincial enterprise technology center and technical research center for nuclear power plant conventional island and BOP construction works, is capable of implementing power plant project, environmental protection project, civil engineering project etc. in form of PPP, EPCO, EPC, BOO, BT, BOT, PMC etc., develops its businesses in many fields such as power plant, power transmission and distribution, fire prevention, municipal engineering, real estate, steel structure fabrication, natural gas sale, investment and financing, and international trade. The registered capital of the Company is RMB 600 million.

Over the past 60 years, the Company is committed to providing high-quality and low-energy-consumption diamond project for customers, has established300 large power plants involving nuclear power plant, coal-fired power plant, gas-fired power plant, biomass power plant, wind farm and PV power station with total installed capacity over 98600MW, and is the leading enterprise in China’s power construction industry.

The Company implements the development strategy of “nuclear power leading”, and undertakes the construction of Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and Lingao Nuclear Power Plant; in 2008, the Company undertook the construction and installation works of conventional island and BOP for Units 1, 2 &5 of Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant in an integrated construction and installation model first adopted in China, and Units 1&2 have been successively put into commercial operation with high quality and are highly praised by the Owner. In 2014, the Company undertook the construction and installation works of conventional island and BOP for Unit 1 of SNPTC Rongcheng Pressurized Water Reactor Demonstration Project as well as the civil engineering works for BOP of Lufeng Nuclear Power Plant Phase I Project. Now, the Company is the qualified contractor of China National Nuclear Corporation, China General Nuclear Power Corporation and State Power Investment Corporation, establishes Shandong Tuoneng Nuclear Testing Company, and plays the leading role in state nuclear power construction field.

The Company implements the strategy of “overseas project is preferred”, actively expands international market and develops international business in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia, and has built 25 units for foreign projects such as Indonesia Longwan project, Indian project, Bangladesh project etc. with total installed capacity of 5098.8MW. The built Indonesia Longwan power plant project is granted the 2012 Overseas Quality Project Award; the built Sudan Power Plant is called by Sudan President Bashir as the “perfect monument for friendship between China and Sudan”; the built Malaysia Manjung Coal-fired Power Plant Project is evaluated as the “Best Engineering Project Award” by U.S. Power Journal. The Company actively responds to the call for “One Belt and One Road” and 36 units are under construction for international projects such as Pakistan Sahiwal Project, Saudi Arabi Gizan project, Saudi Arabi Shaybah Project, Iraq Rumaila Project, Zimbabwe Hwange Project, Zambia MCL Project, Indonesia Perawang Project, Indonesia PT Well Harvest Winning Aluminum Refinery Indonesia Thermal Power Plant Project, Vietnam Duyen Hai Phase III Project, etc., with total installed capacity over 1,1700MW.

The Company continues to strengthen its traditional domestic market such as thermal power market, develops business across the whole country with its base in Shandong, and has created several records in the history of China’s power construction: it has built Shiheng Power Plant Project- China’s first 300MW unit project by introducing advanced foreign equipment manufacturing and plant design technology, Dezhou Power Plant Project- China’s first 300MW unit that reaches standard after being put into operation, Tianjin Beijiang Power Plant Project- one of first batch of National 1000MW-unit Cycle Economy Demonstration Projects, Laizhou Power Plant Project - China’s first 1000MW-unit Intelligent Ecological Power Plant, as well as Nongliushi Power Plant 1100MW unit with largest single-unit capacity nationwide; currently, there are 12 sets of 1000MW-units under construction. The projects undertaken by the Company successively win over 150 quality project prizes of province/ministry-level or higher level such as Gold Award for National Quality Project, Luban Award, National Quality Project Award, Installation Star, National Excellent Welding Project Award.

The Company energetically develops the environmental protection industry and non-electrical industry, implements 885 non-electrical projects including over 470 overhaul projects, as well as implements over 90 civil engineering projects, over 180 fire protection projects, and over 40 environmental protection projects. Each year, the Company can fabricate 100,000t steel structure and 20,000t non-standard equipment for power plant. It owns qualifications with respect to international freight agency, goods import and export, and non-vessel operating common carry, implements Jinan Landscape Spring City, Yangjiang Datong Heyuan etc. real estate projects, and wholly owns or holds shares of 19 natural gas filling stations with annual volume of gas sold exceeding 127,000,000m3.

The Company is evaluated as “Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce with AAA-level enterprise credit. The Company owns over 80 provincial or higher-level engineering method certificates and 2 national-level engineering method certificates, obtains 289 utility model patents, 14 national invention patents and 17 software copyright patents, and has over 1000 sets of advanced construction machinery such as 900t crawling crane.

The Company has a professional team composed of outstanding design, commissioning, supervision and construction talents. At present, it owns over 5,000 employees, including 1,100 intermediate or senior technicians, 1,800 special operation personnel, over 1900 personnel with international project construction experience, and more than 200 in total rank as registered constructors, registered structural engineers and registered electrical engineers. The contestants representing the Company have won 7 group champions and 7 individual champions, and 1 person is granted National Model Worker, two persons are granted National May Day Labor Medal, 25 persons have been rated as “National Technical Experts” in national vocational skill competitions. The Company also wins “National Technical Talent Training Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Shandong Harmonious Labor Relation Enterprise Award”, and “National May Day Labor Certificate”.

“To create a diamond-level project and help the owner’s dream come true” is the eternal pursuit of the Company. In the future, we will use full wisdom and passion, adhere to the philosophy “innovation and development, pursuit of excellence", build technical management type and quality-benefit type international engineering company and take the lead in China’s nuclear power construction industry.

POWERCHINA Nuclear Engineering Company is willing to work with partners to create a brilliant future.


1952 year
set up
15 hundred million
registered capital
316 socket
total build plants
121550 MW
installed gross capacity
8 times
177 item
construction method